Monday, 23 September 2013

Some Advice on Frugality.

In today's world it's very difficult to get started in doing the work you love and making a living out of it.

It's possible but the effort and discipline we put into it alone are sometime not enough, modelling your lifestyle around you aspirations is a step we all take at some point and in some ways it's good for character building.

That doesnt mean however you cant enjoy your life in the off hours and be confined to your room.

Instead find some good habits which gets you out and scoialising.

For me that is where cafe's come in.

I'm a coffee addict, I admit that proudly and even more so when I can point to getting out to my local cafe's has helped me retain my sanity while working towards my future and keeping a moderately tight budget.

Coffee doesnt cost much, and your not just paying for that warm cup of caffeine goodness when you go out, your paying for the use of that little area to enjoy yourself and it can help rejuvenate more than those swollen eyes that have been peering at the computer screen for the last 12 hours (please please only do that if you absolutely have to! breaks are king!!!) it helps your well being.

You're perfectly capable of finding these little spots to get away from the home office or rented space and recharge for very little.

Make sure you do it as it can be the difference between burnout and depression or work and happiness.

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